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Borers Control

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Borers Control

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What Do They Look Like?


Borers are metallic-colored beetles with short antennae that move quickly. Their larvae are whitish, legless and have a wide, flat first thorax segment.

Did You Know? Borers weaken plants


Borers feed under the bark in living wood, causing damage to water- and sap-conducting tissues, leading to branch dieback, weakness and eventual death of susceptible plants.

How do we beat-down the borers? " The Best" way possible.


we inspect

We gather info and inspect properties to identify unique wasp and hornet species. Homeowners provide valuable insight about their property and any present pests.


we monitor

We customize treatment for identified pests to create an effective plan. Misidentification leads homeowners to struggle before seeking professional help.


we take action

We use water-based treatment, this will protect against infestation in timber and minimise chemical exposure to people, pets, and the environment. The solution remains in the wood to prevent future infestations and treat fungal decay.

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