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Rodent Control

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What Do They Look Like?


Rodents can be identified by their behavior, physical characteristics and coloration. Some have short tails compared to their bodies, while others have much longer tails. Rats – with their hairless tails and ears, are typically larger than most mice.

Did You Know? Rats and Mice can fit into really tiny holes


Rodent teeth never stop growing? This means they need to constantly gnaw through hard object – from wood to even metals to wear their teeth down and prevent overgrowth.
can squeeze through holes that are much smaller than their bodies by contorting their flexible skeletons and collapsing their rib cages. This allows them to fit through holes that are only a quarter of their size! A rat can fit into a 20mm hole, whereas a mice can fit into a 6mm one.

How do we stop the rodents? " The Best" way possible.


we inspect

We gather info and inspect properties to identify unique wasp and hornet species. Homeowners provide valuable insight about their property and any present pests.


we monitor

We customize treatment for identified pests to create an effective plan. Misidentification leads homeowners to struggle before seeking professional help.


we take action

To prevent rodents, eliminate their sources of food, water, and shelter by storing food properly and practicing good sanitation. Use pet- and child-proof bait stations with bait attractants for effective trapping and poisoning.

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