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What Do They Look Like?


We have two kinds of cockroaches in Nigeria, German and American Cockroaches, they are distinct and easily identifiable.

For instance, The German cockroach have a light brown to tan coloring with two dark parallel stripes on their backs while the females are darker.

The American cockroach on the other hand is reddish-brown and have a pale band around the edges of the pronotum and are slender. The males are longer compared to the females because of their extended wings.

Did You Know? Cockroaches can live headless


Cockroaches – specifically the American cockroach can survive for weeks without its head, that’s because their breathing system doesn’t depend on their head. They spread diseases through the feces.

How do we exterminate cockroach? " The Best" way possible.


we inspect

We gather info and inspect properties to identify unique wasp and hornet species. Homeowners provide valuable insight about their property and any present pests.


we monitor

We customize treatment for identified pests to create an effective plan. Misidentification leads homeowners to struggle before seeking professional help.


we take action

For a thorough roach treatment, we use glue traps, bait stations, and precise liquid chemical spraying. Applying gel in drawers, rails, hinges, and electrical outlets is also recommended. We’ll follow up with chemical solutions two weeks later to eliminate any newly hatched baby roaches.

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