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What is"The Best" Approach?

Also known as Integrated Pest Management IPM is Our broad-based approach that integrates both chemical and non-chemical practices for the economic control of pests.

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When you use "The Best" approach

The Best approach is here to fill in three Main Objectives to give you a safer, pest free environment.



Maintaining a balanced sustainable ecosystem and a healthy environment by reducing the use of pesticides and thus their negative impact.



Saving money by reducing chemical pesticide inputs, crop losses due to insect damage and
eventually by reducing the cost of pest management.



Protecting human and animal health by providing food and feed that is free of pesticide residue.

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The Integrated Pest Managment Process

We go through steps against pest that will ensure great results that can only be given by The Best.


It will give us the full understanding of the premises and critical areas.



Identification of pests: it will point out the pest problems.

Monitoring & Recommendation

Monitoring pest population and recommendation of sanitation and proofing: will help improve the control of pests and keep your critical areas and environment pest free.



develop a sound pest management goal . Implement an IPM program and rid the premises of infestation.



A treatment report will be sent to you after the treatment is done to inform you of the results and level of infestation in the premises treated.


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We apply "The Best" approach on all these services

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