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Termites Control

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What Do They Look Like?


Termites are usually ¼ to ½ inch long with soft bodies and straight antennae. Queens and Kings can grow over an inch long. They can be white to light brown, with worker termites appearing lighter and swarming termites appearing darker.

Did You Know? Termites are stealthy wood damagers


Termites can cause significant damage to the furniture in your premises. They can chew through wooden furniture including chairs, tables and cabinets. They often do this from the inside out, meaning the damage can go unnoticed until it is severe. This is why having us do regular inspection and treatments are important to prevent damage that are costly to your home and other wooden structure.

How do we terminate the termites? " The Best" way possible.


we inspect

We gather info and inspect properties to identify unique wasp and hornet species. Homeowners provide valuable insight about their property and any present pests.


we monitor

We customize treatment for identified pests to create an effective plan. Misidentification leads homeowners to struggle before seeking professional help.


we take action

To eradicate termite infestation, phostoxin – a fumigant or heating are the only reliable options. Local or spot control methods can be effective if infestation is limited to a small area. Luckily you have the best who can track the infestation and determine severity of the situation and take action.

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